Driving Practice

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Tue, 01/12/2010 - 19:39 � Anonymous


One of the areas in which you can get the best opportunities to forgive is driving. Whether you forgot to use your blinker, the other person used theirs right after they turned, or you nearly wrecked thanks to a cell phone. Maybe you're already in the accident! Forgiveness is key, otherwise anger takes over and directs your actions.

Take a breath and remember:

* The other person is not there.
* The other person isn't really a body, and their spirit is already Home. They do not need to go anywhere, for they are already at their destination.
* What you are looking at is a body that acts purely on the will to create problems, for both itself and others. When you're mad, you're giving in to what your body and that body are supposed to do to follow the ego. If you do not wish to be tricked, you will see it as an event that was created by the ego as a whole, not the body you wish to blame.
* Carelessness is caused by the inability to see. The other person may have made a careless mistake, but compared to Who You Are without ego, everybody is careless. To forgive stupid mistakes, you have to look at the whole picture of what You don't know because of the ego, then someone else's simple mistake is seen as the ego's doing, not theirs.
* Practice on yourself when you think you screwed up.