Giving for Receiving

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If the basics of Supply are understood from the other sections, you understand that the body appearing as you is nothing more than a dead image appearing in a world that's already over. Thus, you can not change anything, but you can begin to remember who you are in such a fashion that the world's illusions slowly disappear and get replaced with remembrances of reality.

Supply is no different, and I have a few teachings already explained on meditating on supply that have obtained results for myself as well as others (whose testimony I don't have, and wouldn't be credible on the internet even if I had them), but I did not go over action. Let's start inferring a few things from those teachings.

1. You already have everything that exists, in reality.
2. This dream image (body) has nothing to do with you.
3. You view as if you are living from within that body, but if you've practiced forgiveness and obtained peace from simple viewpoint-changes, you know the problem is mental, not physical. Thus, you are a mental, nonphysical entity whose physical reality reflects your mental state.
4. If the entire world exists in the mind, then this reflection exists for internal and external affairs related to your life.

Now, 4 is a little overboard and requires testing. Luckily, that's next.

Using the above inferences, one may ask "Well what should I focus on?" The answer is Giving. Even more important, is that Need does not exist. When you live, trust that your life is taken care of through inner realization. Without the realization, this will have no effect, so I recommend the Supply Meditation under Technique.

After that, live your life as if you had everything. Do not be overly frivolous, but remember to give as though your needs are taken care already. Volunteer, do extra work with intent of giving it out. Make a website if you've obtained results, but please do not make a website and teach theories you have not used. Marianne Williamson and Eckhart Tolle are very famous people who write many pages on misinterpreted Course teachings. While hundreds of people read their work, only the lucky few who see the origination behind their ideas may benefit from such strange ideas as bikers' detachments from their home (without understanding why - Williamson) or focusing on the peace that's present in the eternal moment, without actually understanding the eternal moment to realize it has nothing to do with Earth (E. Tolle), which ironically is clearly explained in the material he derived that book from (Course in Miracles).

So yes, focus on giving for you have everything. Never desire to receive, instead come to an inner realization, not just an intellectual knowing, that you are and have all things. This is because (if you really want to know why, reread the "Ernest Holmes")

This section assumes you are familiar with the Ernest Holmes section, the Course in Miracles, or another similar teaching such as Joel Goldsmith's.

Note: separate this later
While at work.

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Tue, 01/12/2010 - 19:41 � Anonymous

When forgiving as a cashier, I realized I did not have enough time to effectively practice forgiveness. The very next day, I was moved to a standing position, where my only duty was saying "Hello!". After seeing everyone as infinite, regarding hundreds of people every half hour or so, I became overwhelmed with energy and had to break. This very time I studied aspects of supply in Joel Goldsmith's Practicing the Presence and transferred to a higher-paying department before fully resuming my cashier duties.
The benefits of forgiveness are important, and hard to remember since forgiveness isn't something practiced when "times are good". Work presents stress, from the paychecks not fulfilling desires to the customers finding the strangest ways to get angry. From Gary Renard's The Disappearance of the Universe, Pursah gives a handy reminder not to interpret an attack as malice when stupidity is the real cause.