Supply meditation

Basics of Supply

Written in steps to do as you go along!

1. Realize you are dreaming, even just a little bit.

2. Focus on ideas becoming matter. Everything starts as an idea.

3. Know that in order to be created, the universe had to start as an idea and work itself into form.

4. Know that it only had Itself to work with. Spirit became Form, which became Substance of Matter. All Matter is still its original infinite self.

5. Now that you know the premise of this exercise, realize that That Consciousness is One with Your Own Consciousness.

6. Worry not. Focus on NOT seeking supply, for you now Know the very source is One with You.

7. While everything in dreams is one with your consciousness, your body here and now is also just a piece of one whole self. In other words, when you feel and realize and know that "you do not need supply" for you are one with it, "You" is NOT your body. Think of "You" as the eternal spirit, individualized and appearing as a body.

8. Thanks to the above steps, you should have a slight inner knowing at least that God and You are made of One substance. Define God as Source of all substance and personality moreso than a religious creature. The One Life from which All Life springs forth. The Uncaused that simply IS, since it can't help itself any more than you were born male or female. It IS all, and you are still within that being.

9. From that Infinite conscious springs forth everything. Therefore, focus on the Fountain of supply, the Spirit. Know that everything you need, you have, for it has no form. It is an ever-present substance of spirit that becomes what it needs. This by itself is difficult until you read the first few steps, which outline that THIS IS THE ONLY possible way the universe itself could have been made, and that physical laws do not change over time. If they did, this world could not stay.

10. After focusing on these thoughts, be still and try to accept the fact that you are One with All, Need-nothing, and your consciousness and the substance that creates are at minimum linked, and at most directly in contact with eachother. When you feel at peace, you will know the meditation is done. Until then, focus on the above steps whenever you're not staying mentally still.

-Optional- Only do next step if it makes sense to you.
11. Gratitude. Thank yourself for being everything you need, and no longer focus on anything in particular. Relax, breathe, and let what ever comes happen.