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What are dimensions?
If you have one dimension, you have two possibilities of motion. Forward an backward. It is simply a line, represented on a grid (like in Algebra) by one axis.

If you have two dimensions, you can now move left and right. The screen is an example of two dimensions. Your mouse can move up and down, or left and right. You can draw lines within this area as well, and they contain a couple of new abilities that a single dimension can't do.

One ability is that you can now place that line anywhere. So if I drew a line "|", I can move it to the left, right, or anywhere I want.
The other ability is that you are no longer limited as to which direction is "up" and which direction is "down". You can tilt the line, so it looks more like /, \, or even sideways.

It may be important to remember that line itself on one dimension has no actual width. It is infinitely small. By the same token, any 2D shape, including lines, points, boxes, circles, etc... have no depth. You can't see them sideways, only from the front.

So, when you get into 3D, which is where we seem to be, you can finally grab the object from all visible directions. But keep in mind that if 4 Dimensions does exist, a 3-dimensional object has NO DEPTH as far as 4D goes. Let me show you:

You can think of 2 dimensions as "A container for 1 dimensional objects", since a grid can now contain, or hold many lines. Likewise, a 3D object can contain an infinite number of 2D shapes. Think of a book with drawings inside of it. This is a 3D object that simply holds various sheets of 2 dimensional objects. If those objects were all in 2D space, they would have to be next to each other, THEY COULD NOT EXIST IN THE SAME SPOT regarding the x and y coordinates (basically their location).

If that's confusing, imagine what would happen if I drew a box, then in the same spot I drew a circle. You could only see the bigger image. This is what I mean by "Can not exist in the same spot... must be next to the image". We now know that 2D objects have no depth, and can be rotated in ways that can't happen in 2D space, such as tilting it back. We can give the illusion of it (perspective drawing), but we can't do it in actuality.

So, when we arrive in 4D space, we have two possibilities. One is that multiple 3D spaces exist in the same spot, but they are "moved in 4D" such that it is impossible for our eyes to see. This is the logical equivalent of putting one piece of paper behind another paper. Another possibility is that many positions may exist in the same spot, but twisted the same way you can rotate a line in 2D space. What used to only go one way now goes like \, or -, or /. or it might just be | (up and down) like it was initially. Don't worry about the fact you can't see these or even comprehend them completely. Nobody can, we're looking from a lower angle. I am simply showing you how this is a possibility, following common principles on what happens when you increase dimensions.

Time can be very tricky, especially if you believe it exists. If you believe time and space are different, you're going to have a hard time understanding this, so I'll give you an easy shortcut to this viewpoint: Moving pictures.

What is a moving picture? Well, everyone knows it's a series of 2D images that rotate, each showing up in the same spot in an order that gives the illusion of movement. Does that sound similar to something already mentioned? Yes, when we went over 2D objects occupying the same x,y spaces! Didn't I say that's impossible? Well, common sense tells us that they don't exist at the same time, they use a projector, which shows us one thing at a time and moves it before giving us the next picture. So let's get two things out of the way.

* 1) Movies are already over with the instant you put them in the player. They appear to go in an order simply because of the way the projector chooses which image to display first, second, up until the end.
* 2) Projectors are things that take something big and show you one small piece of it. They are not things that make other things big, as we tend to think.
* While the points above are important by themselves, I specifically state the second one so you have an easier time when any of your books may reference this world as a "projection", which will remind you of this page's concepts I hope, giving you a foundation to practice instead of new age baseless terminology like many books usually give people, even if valid.

Now, before we can apply this we have to have some foundation for believing 4D may be possible, if not more possible than 3D, in daily activities.

For this reason, I'm going to reference Wikipedia, but any physics book has this equation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_dilation Further, this effect is proven (Scroll down to Keating or search for that name) in a famous experiment. If you want the nutshell explanation, this is the famous clock-trip where "The faster you go, the faster time moves" was tested and proven. And it seems it was duplicated and also proven in 2005, according to the article. Now, What Does That Mean?

It means two things, for our purposes. One is that, you can't travel anywhere unless there is a place for you to go to. That's a duh, since you can't go to Mexico if it didn't exist. Secondly, it means that what we call "time", as in "what this clock is going to look like 5 seconds from now" already exists, and we could access it anywhere and at anytime if we could just pull its "5 seconds from now" self from its 4D location.

Simply put, let's say Monday you're wearing green, and Tuesday you're wearing blue. If someone took hands in 4D space, assuming Monday exists in one spot and Tuesday exists in another but out of view, they could switch your Monday self with your Tuesday self and suddenly you're a confused time-traveling person with a missing green shirt, 'cause it got moved to the next day. This is funny and simple, but really hard to get, so let's make it easier.

Let's take your favorite movie, randomly grab about 3 seconds of the movie and move it somewhere towards the middle. Suddenly you're watching your favorite fight scene in the middle of the romance scene, then after 3 seconds it goes back to the romance. Imagine just how disturbing this would be if your day did this to you. Suddenly you're at work in the middle of a sale, when the last second you were half-asleep before bed! How easy would your job be at that point?

While it will likely not happen, ever, I am trying to prove that your life is already lived out. Not because free will is fake, but because you can physically experiment and obtain results with "moving ahead" and likely "behind" in time. This is reasoned that "you could not move through what we call 'time' unless there was a 'time' already there that you can move through."

Therefore, I can at least demonstrate the possibility, even if I can't exactly see that is exists or not. Well, not through normal means anyway. (Ever had a gut-feeling? Let me ask you, did you magically know or was there perhaps an underlying idea that some part of you could literally see the possibility of making that decision your gut assisted you make?) But even if intuition is simply a Science of exploring what limitations we really have, you Don't Have to Believe this without testing it.

If everything does exist, then you're simply viewing it the same way a movie is projected on a TV. See why it was important for me to explain that part?

To see someone as redeemed, you then look at what's happening as an unchangeable event, that even more-so has nothing to do with the person who thinks they're angry at you. It's just an image they're following, and if they believe the anger is there's, then they're being tricked by the fact they're viewing from within that body, even though they have nothing otherwise to do with it. This is why the redemption article states "I'm being tricked".

Granted, in a body you get to experience pain, pleasure, sickness, health, and all these wonderful states that otherwise say "I'm redeemed" or "I am not redeemed" basically not peaceful, but since this is the 4D page, let's just say it makes you believe what you're doing is what that body is doing, and who you are is that body. First, let me say that taking the viewpoint of "observer, just watching" will bring peace and you need to remember to practice it when you're upset, for any reason whatsoever. But there are new pressing issues you might want explained, like Free Will.

Will in 4D:
First, let's remember some principles. One is that everything is created from one substance, and another that you are still conscious. I'm going to skim over this fact, but do hold it in mind: If everything already exists, then the thoughts that you'd think at every point in time also exist. They are as bound to "Time" as anything.

Wow, even less free will it seems, huh? I even gave proof for it above, so why live at all? Well first, calm down. If you're dreaming, and even if you're not, there's still a way to free yourself. Walk away from the movie! Mentally, anyway, quit believing it. This is impossible to complete at once, but possible by doing it one thing at a time. The "About Forgiveness" page goes over this, but let's clarify again.

If you are stuck under a pile of something, you get out by removing one piece of the pile then another and another until you get out. If you are dreaming and you realize the signs are not staying the same, you can say "That's not real." Soon you'll realize flying isn't normal, and you'll say "That's not real." Eventually you'll be like "Everything here isn't real, this must be a dream!" and you'll enlighten. That's what this whole website is based on practicing. But hey, we're practicing 4 Dimensions, and you might be an atheist, so you'll want to know how to use that perspective too.

So, if you're in a world that already ended, you can say "You don't have free will, even though you're angry at me, that's not you. You're just viewing 'cause you're stuck in that viewpoint like I am in mine, but my body acts on its own, neither one of us can be blamed. We're really observing from outside, but it appears as though we are here." - That alone will get you peace in any situation.

OK, so what about things where other people don't matter too much, like lack. Let's say you have an empty wallet. How do you practice 4D then? Well, didn't you just learn you're observing something? Your viewpoint may be from that body, but mentally affirm, possibly remembering principles explained in the Ernest Holmes link, that you are simply a complete being watching this drama play itself out. The lack of supply isn't yours, it's an appearance but not a cause in and of itself. You may be physically empty but if you remember that mentally you have nothing to do with that body at all, and exist without need or lack in reality (assuming that you are, in fact, a 4D consciousness simply running through this stuff like a projection screen), then you can find peace instead of despair, and to top it off, THAT IS THE MENTAL STATE NEEDED to begin moving stuff around in 4D again! In other words, the back part of your mind that is aware of its whole connectedness says "OK, That's enough of this poor crap, I'm gonna rearrange this situation so Joe doesn't experience lack anymore with this thing." So yes, you do have free will, BUT you MUST go back to the original mindset that created your situation for anything to happen THE SAME WAY A DRAWING CAN NOT CHANGE ITS SURROUNDINGS, but the painter can add or subtract objects from her viewpoint!

You must reobtain that viewpoint, and you do so by CALMING THE MIND and NOT BELIEVING IN THINGS THAT DON'T EXIST such as lack. After all, if you can even obtain calm from using the above, it means you really do have the infinite capacity you should have if these principles hold true. BUT YOU CAN NOT USE THOSE INFINITE CAPACITIES WHILE YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE 3D!

Therefore, still your mind. Focus on the above until you are calm, then sit still. You will receive a feeling when you know you are done. This may be instant, this may be an hour. It all depends on how quickly you can accept the ideas presented here, and in the Supply Meditation which is currently The Basic Meditation on the front page, I may find a home for it after I organize the site a bit.

Remember to practice the above daily! The exercises that is. Don't just read stuff and not practice it, there's no point to unused knowledge, assuming it is useful. If you prove theory but not how it can help people, you just wasted the time of whoever read that info, and this website was created to help people practice. I say this because the above contains a lot of theory, but what's important is you have a foundation for the practice. NOW PRACTICE