About Forgiveness-

What Is Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is the act of restoring your self. The documents contained herein assume you are familiar with A Course In Miracles and/or other paths such as Science of Mind, Infinite Way, Buddhism, and/or Yoga. What you will find here is how to use that information in your daily lives.

Forgiveness, then, is not a concept to study, but an act to use in daily life. When someone makes you upset, you forgive. When your wallet is empty, you forgive. Any time you see an effect which causes you to think "I am less than Whole.", or when you are upset, you forgive.

"Restoring your Self" is meant here the same as it is meant when you are dreaming and forget that you are not the body within the dream, rather, you are the entire dream, the substance that made the dream, and so on. While the reading material (referenced above) explains scientifically how this applies to forgiveness, for the purpose of directly practicing using this website, one can assume that there is a possibility they are in a dream. If you are in a dream, the following practices will produce results. If you are not dreaming, the practice of acting as if you are will not produce results. So, head over to the practice area and see if it works!