The Science of Mind

Ernest Holmes' Science of Mind

Welcome to the Science of Mind in compact form!

According to Ernest Holmes, everything that exists must come from something. That initial thing may not have a reason for existing, but at one point in existence, "It was." and nothing else existed initially.

That substance, today, is best referred to as "ether". The stuff between matter, where matter disappears and reappears.

Water, as you know it, is a substance that infinite amounts of shapes and sizes can come from, yet the fact that it is all water stays. Likewise, within this pure ether is two things similar to physical laws. One is Principle, aka Law, which is simply the physics of the ether itself. The second thing being will, or consciousness. From this, all shapes, sizes, and even conscious entities come forth.

Instead of taking a religious viewpoint, let's instead realize that something had to exist or we wouldn't be here. Since the mind can't be seen, it is either everywhere or nowhere. If it were inside anyone, someone else could see it. Because mind can be proven but not seen, we can assume it is everywhere.

This principle of Mind makes sense in 4D, and after applying it, but for now we should remember the hypothesis that mind is everywhere.

Added to Mental Willpower, aka Mind, is a substance it exists inside. It is unable to separate itself, for that simply is what it is. Within that substance lies its own will and laws of operation. From the standpoint of the ether, it is simply how its body works. From the standpoint of a physical person, we might accidentally call it "Creation." I can't detail all of this in short, but I can give you an analogy to help: Water freezes and becomes ice cubes. If you did not watch the water freeze, you would say "Ice has been created from heaven!" and you might get a follower or maybe millions of them. But if you watch the process of water freezing, you would say "Wow, that's an interesting property of water." and like Galileo, you'd need the Medicci family to live longer (if you don't know, the Medicci family loaned the pope lots of money, and happened to like Galileo's work, so the fact he wasn't killed is simple politics, much like today's global affairs! OK, any age's global politics.)

Using the above, we know that Will and Substance are intertwined. Will creates by volition. Since Mind and Substance (Will and Law) are linked, the substance forms using the idea it was given. Thus, if that entity thinks "I want a world." then from its substance, a "World" is molded. Much like a dream, the substance of mind becomes anything and displays traits making it appear to be separate. Yet it all exists within and originates from that One Ether.

From here, Ernest usually explains how Unity creates Multiplicity, explaining how One object isn't boring in the slightest. But the above explanations on theory have another reason: To get an understanding of how everything that exists could be accessible by the Mind. Let's look at the water example using Mind.

If water could be conscious, that consciousness would take the same shape as the forms water takes. In other words, for water to form into ice, the "Whole Consciousness" would break off into a "Split Consciousness" where that split version of itself is aware of the whole, and the whole is aware of the split consciousness, but the newly split consciousness has a will of its own. The ice sculpture would then be aware of two things: That it is an ice sculpture, and that it has the properties of Water.

Thus, a human is aware that they are a human, but somewhere in their mind they might feel they are not just a limited human being. It is principle, and nature, that they are still within Infinite Substance and Mind.

Because of this, Ernest demonstrates how it is possible to heal using the Mind, and not only in small distances, but anywhere, so long as the other person's Mind is focused on AND THE PRINCIPLES of The Science of Mind are followed, with a strict chapter on obtaining results or not saying anything happened at all.

For the purposes of this site, I will end this here for a few reasons. 1) The exercises on this site will give you enough things to practice the above and see it work, where any further explanation is unnecessary and will just be a duplicate. 2) This page is long enough.

And 3) I will summarize everything by saying: If everything is within the Mind and created from it, then healing is simply a manner of recreating a condition by understanding the Principles and applying them again. Someone might jump from a large height because they've never jumped more than 2 feet before and think gravity stays the same. Someone who understands gravity's principles can "heal" this by showing the person gravity indeed increases speed. Likewise, people only suffer because they do not understand the Law, how to use it, or that they can't escape it because it is a physical law not a man-made one. When you understand the Law, you can direct it. When you understand gravity, you can irrigate crops. This law is in existence in your everyday life, and until you learn to use it, you will have a few bumps on the way.