The Secret

First, let's start by some common sense. The Secret might be more valid if you saw more people succeeding with it. But who buys The Secret?
It's not rich people, that should be relatively easy to spot.

A rich person might have books on Technical Analysis, Marketing, How To Use, and books on Real Estate, Taxes, and perhaps a few math courses for refreshing. Just a guess really, but all the poor friends I know that wish they were somewhere else own that DVD and book, and the only change I've seen is job-loss. So, it should be painfully obvious that even if it works, The Secret does not work the way it says it does.

I've used its methods, they're not new. They have a success rate of well, coincidental. If it's small, easy, and might happen anyway, then it will probably work if you try hard. But doing nothing might let you find a job faster and have more payoff, even if you get it to work.

Alas, I'm not here to bash its usefulness. Let's bash its lack of principles and skewing of the books it references! If you've ever seen The Secret, you'll know its ridiculous idea that "Just think and it'll happen!" is the premise, theory, and law of its entire "Science". They reference the famous Napoleon Hill "Think and Grow Rich" text, and even go so far as to claim The Science of Mind is one of its foundations. Mind you, they are not without some fragment of a possibility, as one author did obtain what he was after money-wise and miracle-man is an undeniable marvel of physical recovery.

But one man published a book, and another continuously used his Mind to affect his body. Neither one used "The Secret's" idea of mentally "just thinking" until some magical thing happens and their life gets better. In fact, now's a good time to reference the "Everyone Seeks Redemption" article and apply it to why those men tried to get what they got.

In the meantime, hundreds of random people are using "The Secret" and only get a book, receipt, and a wish for redemption (by refund). So, what happened?

First, The Science of Mind and Ernest Holmes are mentioned as the founder of the movement that started this, and on many levels this is true: BUT THIS IS THE EQUIVALENT OF SAYING NEWTON CREATED THE CHALLENGER and ignoring the hundreds of principles that go into making a spaceship and keeping it in the air.

I describe the principles of The Science of Mind in Ernest Holmes, to the left, so for now I will just say these key points.

The Secret ignores the science behind anything it does.
The Secret incorrectly uses what little parts it does include.
The Secret ignores the fact that underlying principles are already used daily and need correction more than needing to be used. This is similar to a beginning Karate student having their stance probed and modified by the upper-level students or instructor.
The Secret doesn't work. And if it does, is inconsistent!

If you have a science, then you have a principle. If you have the Principle, you obtain consistency. Ernest Holmes, Joel Goldsmith, and many other authors on forgiveness, healing supply or lack by removing its cause, all have consistency. You will know this better after you try it, and find random food and money very shortly after, if not conveniently-placed friends and events that didn't happen otherwise. But in case you haven't practiced, you'll have to take my word as someone who's tried The Science of Mind (and Infinite Way-Goldsmith) and The Secret. The ones written by sane principles work, the other makes a nice fireplace decoration. Put it with the log, it'll produce results that way, unlike usually.

And in case you still believe The Secret's hype: The book author may have written a note to himself about 100,000 initially and gotten 100,000 initially, but he also published a book, made a sale, marketed, and did everything a normal person would do.
You have to work to obtain results, mentally and/or physically, but don't just think stuff happens because you thought it would.
Even thought has Laws it operates on, and in case that's new: Click the Ernest Holmes link I mentioned!

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